Protecting Plants During An Exterior Paint Job


Having the exterior of your building painted can improve the appearance and provide some protection for the materials under the paint. Unfortunately, the painting that will do so much good can also cause damage to the plants that you have around the building. How can you protect your plants from getting damaged while the painting is completed?

Protection during Paint Prep

There is quite a bit of prep work that goes into painting the exterior of a building. Pressure washing and paint scraping can leave the plants around the building damaged and looking terrible if you don't do something to protect them.

First, request that the prep work be completed without the use of harsh chemicals if at all possible. Pressure washing with plain water is usually effective enough to properly prepare a surface for fresh paint.

Does the paint on the building release a chalky-residue when it rains? If so, you should cover the plants with tarps to prevent the chalky residue from forming on the plants when the mist of the pressure washer carries it away from the building.

If the paint is peeling on the building, lay tarps or drop-cloths on the ground below where the work is being completed. This will catch the small paint chips and make cleaning up the area much easier when the work is complete.

Protection during the Paint Work

Now that everything is prepped and ready for a fresh coat of paint, it is time to think about protecting those plants from a new threat of damage – the paint and foot damage.

Stretch wrap used for wrapping large pallets of products can be very helpful with protecting the trees around the building. You can wrap the trees with the stretch wrap to protect them from the paint. Just start at the bottom of the tree and work your way up pushing the branches upwards as you wrap the tree. When the work is done and the paint is dry, run a sharp blade down the wrap and your tree will look as good as it did before the work was complete.

Now for the plants on the ground – buckets, totes, trash cans and tarps are very effective in protecting these. Covering the plants with these things will help to protect them from both paint and foot damage.

The plants that you have around your building need to be protected during a paint project. These tips will help you keep them looking as good as they did before.

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21 September 2015

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