Tips For Saving Money When Hiring A Professional Painter For The Exterior Of Your Home


If you are finally ready to paint the exterior of your home, you might be interested in hiring a professional painting company for the job for you. However, if you are worried about the expense of it, you might think about putting it off for another time. Instead of doing that, take a few moments to review the following tips for saving money with this particular home improvement.

Clean The Siding Yourself

Your home siding needs to be properly cleaned before a new layer of paint can be added. Without a thorough cleaning, the new layer of paint may not stick to the siding very well. It might even appear to be lumpy in spots. Many exterior painters can do this for you, but you have the option to do it yourself in order to save some money. You will need to use a pressure washer. You can purchase one at just about any home improvement store or rent one through an equipment rental company. Once it is connected to your garden hose, you will spray down the sides of your home, starting from the top and working your way down in a sweeping side to side motion. Do this until all of the dirt appears to be removed from the home. Be sure to avoid hitting the windows with the pressure washer, as it might have enough power behind it to crack or completely shatter the glass.

Purchase The Paint Yourself

Since you already have the task of selecting the paint color for your home, you might as well purchase the paint while you are at it. This will allow you to comparison shop between the various paints at home improvement stores in order to ensure that you are getting the best price. Also, if you are a veteran, you might qualify for a discount at many of the major home improvement stores. Just make sure that you are advising the painting company that you are purchasing the paint on your own and will already have it at the house for them when they are figuring up a quote for the job. Of course, the painting professionals might want to bring their own paint brushes, sprayers, and rollers, as they may be accustomed to working with particular types of tools. 

Do The Clean Up Yourself

There may be some things that need to be cleaned up once the professional painters have finished with their work. When you are talking to a painting company like American Permacoat for a price quote, explain that you are willing to clean up the mess once they are done. By taking that into consideration, they might be able to give you a slightly better deal.

As you can see, there are some clever ways to try and save money on your next exterior paint job.


23 September 2015

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