How To Prep And Paint An Exterior Surface


Painting the exterior of a house is far more intensive than painting the interior. Many people find that painting interior drywall is a simple and fun family project. However, painting exterior surfaces, like stucco and brick is a lot more difficult, expensive and time consuming. To paint these rough surfaces you need to use a professional spray gun. This article explains a few tips that will make painting your exterior surfaces with a spray gun much more manageable.

Masking Off is Key

In reality, you will probably spend more time masking off the areas around your home exterior than you will spend actually painting. This is because overspray from a pneumatic gun can travel several meters. If it is windy, you even have to worry about the overspray traveling all the way to your neighbor's walls. To minimize overspray problems, you will need to invest in several large rolls of painter's plastic. Use thin plastic (about .4 mil or thinner) that is lightweight and easy to tape down. The weight of thicker products might be too much to be taped down. You will basically want to cover all your floors and landscaping below the wall you are painting. One common technique is to tape the plastic to the soffit board along the roof edge and drape the other end to the floor or wall. This creates a little tent and protects you from the wind.

How to Use the Gun

Using a spray gun is actually quite simple with a little bit of practice. Try painting on a spare piece of cardboard so you can get used to the flow of paint. Try to figure out how far the nozzle should be from the wall when spraying. It is important that you point the gun at one spot while pulling the trigger. Start at an angle and then start moving your arm across your body before you pull the trigger.

Painting from side to side is the best way to make sure you get even coverage. But, you need to be painting near eye level. Do not spray upward and paint over your head. This means you will need to paint from atop a ladder or scaffolding. A simple scaffolding system is much better because it allows you to take a step back from the wall so you can monitor the paint coverage better. When you are on an extension ladder, you are always just a few feet from the wall, so it is hard to get leverage. To find out more, speak with a business like Braendel Painting.



30 September 2015

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