Different Paint Texture Techniques You Can Use For Your Walls


When it comes to painting, there are so many paint products and colors on the market that you can do nearly any color or texture you want on your walls. Painting your home is a great way to refresh your space and give your house a whole new appeal, and the right color and texture on your walls can make any room pop with flair. Here are different paint texture techniques you can choose from to make your walls simply brilliant.

Color washing

Color washing your walls gives the appearance of a marbled look, and is a great technique to apply to dining room or kitchen walls to give these rooms cheeky flair. This texture painting technique involves wetting your walls with a cloth or sheepskin, then using a few different colors in the same color spectrum (plum, violet, and lilac, for example) and applying them randomly to your walls until the wall is completely covered. Following this hodgepodge application, you then use a wet cloth to smudge the separate paint colors into a blended, marbled look. You can find paint products you need, such as cheesecloth, roller, and hues, at your local home supply store.


Dragging is a term used to create lines in a solid paint color once it's on your walls, resulting in a material-like finish that has subtle texture you can enjoy. This is a technique where precision painting isn't necessary; in fact, the more lines you can leave behind from your paintbrush, the better for this textured look. Dragging is beneficial for child rooms or family rooms where you want to add personality to your walls.

Leathered look

It's quite simple to make your walls look like they have a leathery texture. Using two hues of paint, such as a dark navy and a sea blue, you apply the lighter paint underneath then the darker hue on top of your walls after priming them. The darker hue is placed on your walls using a painter's sponge or even a plastic bag to create random texture where the lighter paint shows through underneath. The result is a chic leathered look that is great for entry ways, bathrooms, or grand rooms.

If you are painting your walls, there are many paint products on the market that can help make your painting adventure a success. If texture is your goal with your painting project, consider doing dragging, color washing, or even a leathered appeal that can look great in nearly any room of your home.


26 December 2015

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