Want To Spice Up Your Kitchen On A Budget? Paint The Kitchen Walls To Create A Backsplash


Improving the looks in your kitchen can encompass new lighting, flooring, windows, appliances, and more. But, some of these projects are not too budget-friendly, so you have wait until you save more or find an alternative. Adding a new backsplash can get fairly costly at $950 on average. But, what if you were to get professional painting to mimic a traditional backsplash? It costs about $448 to paint a room, and for a backsplash project that is even smaller in size, you should be able to cut that down greatly.

Go Special with Looks

Just painting the wall behind your countertops may not be enough to make your kitchen more attractive. Sure, picking a color you like more may help, but it is not going to have an enormous impact. It is worth considering decorative paint designs such as chevron stripes or blocks that can better mimic a backsplash. This should not be too difficult for a professional painter to do; it just takes extra paint and time.

Get the Right Sheen

The sheen that you choose for this project will make all the difference in your overall satisfaction. While you can use semi-gloss for the kitchen and enjoy the fact that it is easier to clean, you should go all the way. High-gloss has the greatest level of durability out of any indoor paint sheens. When trying to use paint as a backsplash, you want it to best achieve the goal of a backsplash in the first place, and that is protecting the walls from water and grease splashes that could eventually damage the walls. The addition of high-gloss paint makes it a walk in the park to clean these walls when these kinds of splashes happen.

Make It Contrasting

High-gloss has a definite shine to its looks, so it is an excellent way to mimic glass tile. Since your version of a backsplash is not going to have any texture differences compared to the other walls, you should consider making it contrasting enough to stand out as a backsplash. Choosing a color or design scheme that is drastically different than the surrounding walls or cabinets will help you achieve this goal.

Using paint as a backsplash only really works when you put enough planning into the project beforehand. Following these tips will ensure that you can get professional painting in the kitchen and end up with a room that not only looks better, but is also easier to maintain. Contact a company like Diesel Painting for more information.


4 July 2016

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