Five Things You May Need To Do To Prepare For A Commercial Painting Job


Having your commercial facilities painted when they need it is important to ensuring that your facilities maintain a professional and attractive appearance.

However, you need to properly prepare for a commercial painting job to ensure the continued profitability of your operation and to keep things convenient and safe for staff members and customers. 

The following are five things you may need to do to prepare to hire a commercial painter like those at Decorators Service Co., Inc. for your facility:

Take all necessary safety precautions to avoid workplace accidents

Some equipment pieces like scaffolds and ladders may be necessary to carry out your painting job.

It's best to prevent customers and staff members from accessing the painting worksite to keep them away from heavy equipment and to avoid injuries. 

Let your customers know that work will be taking place

You don't want commercial painting work to turn away any of your customers. Notify existing customers of what type of painting work is going to be taking place so that they can plan accordingly when visiting your facilities.

Also, you can post notifications regarding ongoing work at the worksites so prospective customers who are visiting for the first time know that the situation is only temporary and will improve the condition of your facilities upon completion. 

Prepare staff members to assist with setting your facility up for painting work

Your staff members are an important resource when you're carrying out a commercial painting job. Have your staff clear out any furniture or other items in preparation for the painting job.

It's pretty typical for commercial painters to be paid according to how long the job takes. Anything you can do to minimize the prep time for the commercial painter you work with could save you money.

Make alterations to your schedule to accommodate the work period

Planning is one of the most important aspects of a successful commercial painting job. It's important to plan ahead and be sure that painting will not conflict with other meetings or projects that are going to be taking place. 

Determine exactly how much the painting job is going to cost your company

A painting job is going to affect your budget and your bottom line. You need to get an accurate estimate of how much the painting job is going to cost you so that you can make accurate financial projections for your company.

Remember to factor in any downtime you're going to have at your facility that could reduce the amount of revenue you're bringing in while the paint job is going on. 


20 June 2018

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