Pre-Paint Prep Work Tips For The Interior Of Your Home


Doing prep-work before painting is essential to repainting a space and improving the appearance. If you have lumpy walls with holes all through them, you'll have to spend a bit of time undoing the damage before you can begin painting. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you undo the damage to get the prep-work for your paint-job done.

Lighting Matters

What you see when the lights are turned on and when the lights are turned off are two completely different things. Some blemishes may only show up when the lighting is dim, while others may only show up when the lighting is bright.

Because of how lighting affects how you see the blemishes, you'll need to inspect the walls in different levels of lighting. Turn the lights on and do your first walk-through. Use a piece of chalk to mark the blemishes that need your attention. Now, turn the lights off and repeat the walk-through. Finally, use a flashlight with the lights on to do a final walk-through.

Using the three different light settings will help you to find all of the blemishes that need your attention before you begin applying the paint.

Sand Rough Spots

The spots that are lumpy need to be sanded. Unfortunately, if the drywall under the paint has been water damaged, the lump will not sand out – that section will need to be cut out and replaced with a patch section of drywall.

After the rough spots have been sanded, wipe them down with a slightly dampened cloth to remove the dust.

Fill the Holes

Holes can be filled with a thin coat of drywall compound. Simply skim it on making sure that it presses into and fills the holes. Let the compound harden, and then sand it smooth. If it shrunk into the hole, apply another coat and repeat the process. Continue until you achieve a smooth finish.

Prime the Walls

If you've been busy making several repairs, you'll want to apply a fresh coat of primer to the entire surface. This will help to conceal the repairs as the paint will absorb into the primer evenly, rather than the paint soaking into the compound that you've used to make the repairs.

If you don't feel confident in your abilities to complete this project, contact a residential painting company like Bessey  Painting. They will do the prep-work and the paint-work for you, and the results will be just what you had hoped for.


4 October 2018

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