Understanding The Use Of Paint As A Safety & Identification Tool In Businesses


If you just purchased a business, it is important for you to understand the role that paint plays in keeping your business safe. Paint is used as an identification tool to help keep industrial workplaces safe. You need to understand what these paint colors mean in order to know how to properly label your new work area, and in order to treat areas that are already painted with the care they deserve.

Safety Colors

There are a variety of colors of paints that are used specifically for identifying different types of situations that require safety and care. These "safety colors" come in very vibrant shades that are easy to spot. There are general safety colors that are used within the commercial industry, in order to make these codes identifiable to everyone.

Safety yellow is used to identify physical hazards. Common physical hazards safety yellow can be used on are low beams, as well as railings and posts. Yellow is one of the most common safety colors.

Safety Blue is painted around electronic controls, as well as around special repair areas, such as where valves, ovens, dryers, and compressors are located.

You will not see safety purple that often, but it is used to identify radiation hazards, ranging from contaminated equipment and containers to disposal cans and radiation storage areas. Safety orange is used to identify machine parts that may be dangerous, such as rollers, or specific buttons and gears. Safety red is associated with fire protection equipment.

When using safety colors, make sure that you use commonly identifiable colors.

Pipe ID & Coding

Red, yellow, blue, and green paints are also used on pipes for identifying specific types. Red is used to identify fire protection devices and sprinkler systems. Yellow is used to identify any hazardous piping and materials that could be hazardous in a variety of ways, from being flammable, toxic, poisonous, or just under high pressure. Blue is used for protection materials that are used to prevent hazards that are not associated with fire protection. Green is used for non-hazardous piping and materials.

When you paint your industrial business, make sure that you use the right safety colors and pipe identification colors. Make sure that the business colors you pick do not make it hard to spot necessary safety paint around your business. A professional commercial painting company can help you use the right safety and identification paint, and can also give your business an overall professional paint job. 


21 November 2018

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