Shades Of Green: How To Effectively Use Your Favorite Color Of Green In Interior Design


Do you love everything green? When it comes to selecting an interior paint for your home, it's natural to think about choosing your favorite shade of green. However, too much of any color can be overpowering. Keeping a few tips in mind when using green is the key to striking a perfect balance in home design.

Swatch watch

When you select a shade of green for interior walls, always keep a paint swatch with you when shopping for furniture or accessories. Shades of green can run from teal at one end to chartreuse at the other end of the color spectrum. What may be listed as lime green on a designer label may be another designer's pistachio green.

Green and nature go together

Green is a natural if you love the outdoors and want to create a room that mimics the beauty of nature. Grass and mossy green shades are great for main walls. Olive green also works well when creating a nature-themed look. Accent the room with plenty of natural wood accessories and decorative items, such as wooden wall frames and furniture with wooden arms and legs.

When choosing flooring, look for natural wood laminate flooring or ceramic tile in earthy tones of gray and beige. Wooden shutters can be used instead of drapes or curtains. Consider purchasing café-style shutters that only cover the bottom half of the window to allow plenty of natural sunlight in the room.

Green can have an energizing or calming effect

Bold shades of green are energizing and work well in a home office or exercise space. Choose interior paint in lime green or apple green to bring life to rooms that tend to be dull and mundane, such as a laundry room or pantry. Bright green also works well for small bathrooms or a child's playroom.

Avoid bright colors of green in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or dining room. Choose soothing shades of green for these rooms to create a feeling of serenity and peace. Choose gray-greens, blue-greens, or minty pastel greens for these rooms.

Green plays well with other colors

Painting the interior walls of your home green opens a wide range of decorating possibilities. Use a vase of red flowers on a tabletop to make a dramatic statement in the living room or dining room. Toss a few yellow throw pillows on the sofa or chair in the living room or family room. Add a vase of lavender to a bedroom nightstand or dresser top to create a soothing look.

If green is your favorite color, you can use it with confidence in every room of your home. Choose a shade that complements the purpose of each room, accent it well, and use other colors to bring out the best in each shade of green. You will have a home painted in your favorite color that will leave visitors green with envy. For more information, contact a company like Integrity Painting, Inc today.


23 December 2018

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