Having Trouble Choosing The Right Interior Paint? 4 Tips To Help


Picking the right paint color can be stressful for some when painting your home. Even neutral colors come in all different shades, and the wrong tint can change the entire look of the room you're painting. If you have trouble choosing paint, read on for tips to help make this task easier for you.

1. Choose The Right Finish

The right paint color matters, but so does the paint finish. If the paint has too much of a sheen to it, it may not be what you were looking for. Use satin finishes for your walls and ceiling throughout your home. Eggshell can also be used on ceilings, as can flat paint. Semi-gloss paint should be used on baseboards and doors. Semi-gloss is easier to clean, and baseboards and doors pick up the most dirt and fingerprints around your home. High-gloss paint can be used on doors and baseboards as well but should rarely ever be used on walls.

2. Narrow Down Your Color

If you have a particular color in mind, narrow it down to that color. If you have a pillow, knickknack, candle, piece of fabric, or something else with that color on it, you can take that item with you to have the paint matched to that color. You simply take that item to your paint store and have the salesperson help you pick the right color.

3. Take A Paint Sample

Rather than have a bunch of tiny paint chip colors lying around your home, invest in a small sample of paint to try each out on your wall you are planning on painting. Paint a square of the paint colors side by side on at least two different walls in the room. Some walls may be brighter than others, so the color may look different. Look at the colors during the day when the sun is out and at night when you have different lighting. Choose which color you like best. If none of those colors worked for you, repeat the process using other paint samples. Keep in mind that purchasing those samples can add up, so choose wisely.

4. Go With Neutral Colors

If you paint your home with a lot of bright colors, you may end up painting your home more often than someone that has neutral colors. If you ever wanted to update your decor, you may end up needing to paint again. Neutral colors match with all types of decor, and all you have to change is your decor rather than your paint colors as well. 

If you have trouble picking paint colors, you aren't alone. Take your time and try out those colors on your walls before investing in an entire gallon (or more) of paint. Hire a professional company, such as Yu1 Painting Company, to help you not only choose your paint color but paint your walls as well.


7 March 2019

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