Updating a Small Laundry Room? 3 Tips for Starting Off with Painting


When your laundry room is quite small due to the limited square footage, you may be unsure of what you can do to make the space feel larger and more cheerful to use. While you may have plans to install shelves and tackle a number of different projects in the laundry room, it's a smart idea to start off with painting. If you haven't paid attention to the laundry room before and are unsure of the work involved, consider some of the following tips that can help you choose paint that's going to make the laundry room look great.

Keep the Paint Easy to Clean

With all the moisture and mess that can occur in your laundry room, you need to take your time to choose paint that's going to be easy to clean. This means avoiding any paint that can't be scrubbed down with a washcloth. Taking care to choose the right kind of paint will make all the difference in ensuring that you won't have trouble keeping the laundry room neat and preventing any discoloration due to moisture.

Choose Soothing Colors

With a small laundry room, it's a good idea to choose light colors that can help make sure that the space feels warm and inviting. In many cases, people choose colors that end up making the space feel closed in, making it important to look for more soothing colors that can help make the space feel cleaner and to prioritize light colors that can also help make you feel brighter without having any additional lighting put in.

Soothing colors can make you much more relaxed when doing your chores, making it a great way to improve the way that your laundry room looks.

Don't Stay Away from Bold Designs

While soothing colors can be a great option for your laundry room, you should make sure that you are not afraid of trying something bolder as well. Using bold colors or patterns in your laundry room can help make the space pop and give it some more visual interest. The smaller size can help you feel more okay with choosing something a bit bolder than you would use in the rest of your home.

As you get ready to update your laundry room, you need to see what kind of improvement you can make through painting. Instead of rushing into having painting done, consider the above tips and how they'll be able to get you started with paint that's going to make your laundry room more comfortable to use. Contact a professional painting service to ask their opinion on what you should do.


26 April 2019

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