Prepping The Walls And Choosing The Right Paint Are Important Steps For Exterior House Painting


A fresh coat of paint gives your home a tidy appearance, especially if the old paint is peeling or bubbling. While an exterior painting contractor can usually apply house paint fairly fast when using a sprayer, the entire job from prepping the house to finishing the painting can take many days. There are several steps involved in painting the exterior of your home. Here's a look at some of them.

The Walls Have To Be Washed

It may surprise you to see how dirty the exterior walls of your house are. The walls are exposed to pollution in the air, flying grass clippings, mud splashes from rain, mildew and algae growth, and stains from animals, birds, and insect pests. A painting contractor will probably use a pressure washer to get rid of all the dirt and stains on the walls so they don't show through the new paint. Once the walls have been washed, they need to dry thoroughly before new paint is applied.

Imperfections Need To Be Removed

The new paint looks best when it's applied on a smooth surface. If the paint on your house is peeling or if it was applied by an amateur before and has bumps, then the painting contractor may need to sand the surface to make it smooth again. Depending on the condition of your home, this could be the most labor-intensive part of the job. In addition to sanding away imperfections, cracks have to be filled and small repairs need to be done or they will just show through the new paint. Paint is too thin to be a crack filler, so all repairs have to be done to the walls, soffit, fascia boards, and window sills before painting begins.

The Timing And Type Of Paint Are Chosen

Paint is usually applied in mild weather conditions. The temperatures can't be too cold, and there should be no chance of rain. The contractor may want to wait until winter weather warms up or until expected storms pass so there will be a few sunny days to do the painting. Plus your house has to have time to dry out after rain before painting begins. In addition to choosing the best time to paint your house, the contractor has to choose the right paint. An exterior painting contractor will probably suggest using high-quality paint so it lasts longer and covers better. Paint quality matters, and it's usually best to pay more so the paint looks nice. Also, the contractor will decide if primer is necessary and if your home needs one or two coats of paint.


23 September 2019

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