The Power Of Paint: How To Choose The Best Interior Paint Color For Your Business


Color matters when it comes to designing a great interior for your business. Not only can color enhance the aesthetic value of a room, but the right color can also affect the mood and atmosphere for your clients and employees. Understanding how color can impact your business will help you determine which colors are best for your office design.


From deep shades of blue to soft pastel hues, blue is a popular choice for commercial office spaces and for good reason. Not only is blue soothing and relaxing, but it also has incredible eye appeal and is attractive to most people. Blue can promote feelings of peace and serenity and is an excellent choice for medical building offices but can promote a positive atmosphere in any type of commercial building.

Blue is also thought to help employees stay focused and can be especially helpful in businesses where high productivity is required. The peaceful feeling blue brings may also help promote less tension in the office setting.


Optimistic and refreshing, you literally cannot go wrong with green for a commercial office space, and it works well in retail businesses for keeping customers energized and upbeat as they shop. However, avoid glaring shades, such as lime green, as they can overpower a room. Choose subtle hues of green like mint, sea foam, and sage green for best results.

If your business centers around the healthcare industry or fitness and wellness, green will promote feelings of good health and positivity. Green is an excellent color choice for any exercise facility, as it is naturally energetic and uplifting.


Crisp, clean, and naturally lightening, white can be a smart choice for any commercial space and works well in a commercial setting where natural sunlight is limited. However, white can be stark and glaring, so choose off-white or antique white for best results. Always use white with other colors to avoid a sterile and boring look.

White gives you plenty of room to use accent colors in the design style of the room since everything will match. Consider choosing one wall to paint in a bold color to add a fun look to the room. White also makes a great backdrop for inspirational word art, which can inspire your employees and clients.

The right color for your business can mean the difference between an office building that gets noticed and remembered and one that is quickly forgotten. Choosing the right paint colors for your commercial office building may take a little time but it will pay off with a well-designed office space that works for you, your employees, and your clients. Reach out to a commercial painting service to learn more.


21 June 2021

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