Four Exterior Painting Projects That Can Make Your Home Look Newer


If you want to make your home look newer, sometimes it's best and cheapest to work from the outside in. Focus on the exterior painting to give your home the upgrade it needs and make the property look even larger. Here are four exterior painting projects that can make your home look newer.

Painting the front door

If you have a tiny budget but still want to give your home the impression it's had a major upgrade, focus on the main focal point of your property: the front door. This exterior painting project can be quickly done by your painting contractor, and as a bonus, you can paint your front door nearly any color you wish.

If you have a slightly larger budget, then consider also painting your garage doors or any other doors that face the street. The instant curb appeal will give the impression you've done much more to your home.

Painting the shutters or window sills

Another exterior painting project worth considering is painting the shutters or windowsills of your home. If your house is already painted a bold or noticeable color, then paint these home features a neutral color, like tan, off-white, gray, or even a cool mint or light green color. Choose a neutral shade that complements the existing exterior paint of your home, if you can. Your painter will help you choose the best colors for these home features.

Painting the porch or deck

If you have a cement porch or a wood deck, exterior painting can be done on these areas, too. Not only will exterior paint help these features look newer and more attractive, but a coat of paint on these surfaces also helps to seal them, making them last longer. Exterior painting projects on wood and cement take skill and practice, so leave these tasks to the pros.

Painting the siding

Lastly, you can paint the home's siding if it's already peeling or showing other signs of wear. Your painting contractor will charge you for supplies and labor, so the larger your home is, the more exterior painting they'll have to do and charge you for. The results are a beautiful home that looks newer, and no other renovations are required.

Choose a budget to work with before hiring a painting contractor to come to your home. The right painter will give you a quote before they begin work so you know what to expect with your exterior painting project.


16 September 2021

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