How To Prepare Your Home For An Interior Paint Job


For top-notch interior painting services, don't hesitate to enlist a professional interior painter. DIY paint jobs can ruin your house's interior appearance. So, leave the job to a pro who will do the job right the first time.

However, you should prepare your home in advance so the experts can move around with ease. Here are some things you can do before painters arrive to ensure a smoother paint job.

Remove Furniture and Other Objects

You should remove all small furniture pieces (such as a light stand or coffee table) from the room you want to be painted.

Large furniture pieces like dining tables, suites, sofas, and beds may not be easy to move because they require a large storage space, which you may not readily have. So, move the furniture to the center of your room and cover it. This way, the work team will maneuver easily without obstructions. 

Also, collect any wall decorations, rugs, mats and move them to your garage or a self-storage unit so that painters don't splatter paint on them. But don't place your valuables in passages or along the hallway as they might accidentally sustain physical damage. 

Clean the Room

Before the paint job begins, thorough cleaning is vital to remove dust, dirt, and pet hair in the room. Such particles can inadvertently land on your freshly painted walls. If you fail to clean the surfaces before you paint, the paint won't adhere properly and will likely peel off after a while. 

To avoid this problem, vacuum the walls, floors, and ceiling. Also, remove all cobwebs on the corners of your walls. Use dish soap and water to remove tacky materials like grease. After a thorough cleaning of the interior surface, ensure no one enters the space until the painters finish the work and the paint dries.

Vacate the Area to Paint

When the paint job begins, you may need to vacate your house to avoid messy accidents that could happen if your kids knock over paint cans. Again, paint jobs take some time, especially when you factor in the time the paint takes to dry. 

So, take everything you need from the house and look for an alternative shelter. You can take a mini-vacation as a family, stay at a friend's place. When you vacate the work area, the painters work with fewer distractions. The paintwork gets done faster and a lot more efficiently. Even better, you and your family won't inhale the toxic paint fumes.

Adequate preparation ensures that your residential painting contractor starts the job as soon as they arrive. If you're not sure what you need to do to prepare, you can consult with your residential painting contrator in advance. 


9 March 2022

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