4 Telltale Signs Your Home Needs Exterior Painting


If your home's paint is looking dull or chipped, it might be time to pick up that phone and call an exterior painter for repainting. But if you aren't convinced yet, here are four warning signs that the time for exterior painting is due.

Obvious Paint Damage

Physical signs of damage such as cracking, bubbling, flaking, or peeling paint are surefire indicators it's time to sand down and paint afresh. These damage signs usually occur when the paint stops adhering to the surface, for example, due to the impact of water, UV rays, wind, or other elements. The signs may also appear if the original paint wasn't applied correctly. 

Keep in mind that when you see these signs, there may be other underlying issues with mold, mildew, and dry rot. Hence, the exterior painter may need to address these issues before repainting. 

Wood or Stucco Damage

While paint does protect the wood and stucco on your walls, these surfaces won't last forever. At some point, you may notice some rot in the wood or cracks in the stucco. Then you know your house has serious wear and tear, and it's time to make some updates. 

Depending on the damage, you'll need to repair or replace the surface. After that, you can have the exterior painter repaint the entire surface to safeguard it against elements. 

Cracked Caulking

Caulk is often found near windows and doors and is used to seal your home. However, your caulk may crack, crumble, or show signs of brittleness with time. When this happens, the caulk has lost its elasticity, and your home's sealing is compromised. You might even have winds, water, or bugs invade you from outside. 

While minor cracks can be filled up using fresh caulking, any major cracks will require you to replace the caulking and add a fresh coat of paint for additional protection.

You No Longer Love the Color

Sometimes, there's nothing wrong with your home's exterior other than you don't love the color of the paint. For example, if your home has an olive green exterior paint that was popular in the 80s, you may not like the traditional look. It makes perfect sense to update your home to a more contemporary look. 

When you're ready to make that change, think carefully about the right color for your home. You don't want to choose a color that bores you within a few months. 

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9 May 2022

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