How To Paint Your Composite Siding


Composite siding is a durable siding that can mimic any type of siding. It's easy to keep clean and can be painted over and over again to change the look of the siding and the look of your home. If you have composite siding and it's in need of some updating, you can paint it, but you need to take the proper steps to get the job done correctly. Read on for helpful tips to paint your composite siding.

Get It Clean

You need to clean your siding in order to ensure your paint adheres properly to the siding. You can use a pressure washer to clean your siding, or you can use a garden hose and a siding cleaner to remove harsh dirt buildup and stains, or other debris on your siding. Stains should be removed in order to prevent them from seeping through the paint. Clean your siding thoroughly and scrub your siding to remove as much dirt as you can.

Fill In Holes

You need to inspect your siding for holes and cracks or crevices that may be plaguing your composite siding. These holes can be filled with paintable caulk or wood fill. Fill in the holes and sand them down as much as you can. Apply a primer over the wood to help cover it properly when you paint so the color doesn't seep through. Fill in the holes all throughout your home to prevent water damage to your home. You need to seal your home to prevent damage, and sealing it properly with caulk will help.

Apply Paint

Paint your siding with a wood siding paint that is made for the exterior of your home. You can paint your home any color you prefer, but when choosing the color, test it on the exterior first to ensure it is the color you like. The color you see in the store may not be what it looks like outside in the sunlight. Test the paint in a small area of your home outside and take a look at it in different lighting throughout the day. Once you find the right color, you can begin painting your home. Cut in the paint with a paintbrush, then use a roller to paint the rest of your home. You are going to want to use a thick enough coat of paint, so you don't have to go over it a second time. Once finished, look at it in different lighting to be sure you have full coverage and don't need to add any more coats of paint, or that you didn't miss any spots.

Composite siding is durable and long-lasting, and it can be painted to change the look of your home. Hire a professional painter to paint your siding for you to ensure the job gets done correctly.

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19 September 2022

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