Paint Ideas For A Sports Room


For an avid sports fan, there are few projects around the home that are more exciting than converting a space into a sports-themed room. You can use this room not only for watching your favorite teams on TV, but also to display your sports decor pieces and souvenirs. One thing that you'll need to evaluate when you're planning this room is what type of paint you want on the walls. Instead of going with a neutral color, this is your opportunity to make a visual splash. Find a local interior painting professional and discuss one of these ideas.

Team Colors

If you have a particular sports team that you follow very closely, a good option for your new sports room is to paint the walls in the team's colors. Most teams have at least two colors that appear in their logos, and a professional painter will be able to get paint that is a very close match to these hues. There are all sorts of ways that they can paint the room. If the team uses red, white, and blue, you might like a horizontal white line that runs across the center of the wall, with red above it and blue below it. If you feel that having this look on each of the room's walls would be too bold, choose one wall for this idea.

Playing Surface

Another creative idea to consider is to have your painter paint one or more of the walls in a color that reflects the playing surface of your favorite sport. If you love baseball, for example, your painter could choose a color of paint that is similar to the grass on professional baseball fields, and apply it to one or more of the walls. For a hockey fan, a white/blue color of paint that matches the ice of professional arenas can be an idea to consider.

Uniform Elements

If you hire a painter who loves the challenge of getting creative with your project, there are all sorts of ideas to consider. One idea is to have the room pay tribute to your favorite team's uniform if it's particularly noteworthy. For example, if you cheer for a baseball team that wears pinstripes, your painter could put this design on a wall — perhaps a white or gray background, with thin black, red, or blue vertical lines. Discuss these and other ideas for your sports room with a local interior painting contractor.


21 December 2022

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