5 Reasons For Cracking On Exterior Paint


Cracks in your home's exterior paint can be a sign of aging and weathering, especially if it's been a while since your home was last painted. The following painting tactics will ensure the new paint doesn't suffer the same fate.

1. Remove the Old Paint

Painting over old, cracked paint will just result in the cracks reforming through on the fresh paint. It may look good for a few weeks, but before long the paint looks just as bad as before. The cracked, damaged paint must be scraped off before painting can begin

2. Prepare the Surface

Dirt, moisture, and soap residue can lead to poor paint adhesion, which increases the chances of cracking on the surface. Proper preparation means not just scraping off the old paint, but also sanding and cleaning the surface after. Any soaps or cleaners used during the prep must be thoroughly rinsed off. Finally, the surface of the wall should be allowed to dry for at least a day so no dampness remains once the painting begins. 

3. Match Primer and Paint

Using an oil-based primer with water-based paint, or vice versa, can lead to cracks because the primer and paint have varying levels of flexibility. This puts them at odds with each other when they shrink or swell in response to temperature fluctuations. This uneven shrinkage can cause cracks. Use primer and paint with the same base to ensure equal flexibility in order to reduce cracking.

4. Let It Dry Completely

As a coat of paint dries, it shrinks slightly. If you apply a second coat over primer or paint that isn't completely dry, then it will continue to shrink under the fresh coat. The surface coat will dry and shrink more rapidly than the coat beneath, thus causing cracks to occur. Making sure each coat is completely dry before moving on to the next may take more time, but the results are worth it.

5. Don't Mix Paint Finishes

Finally, never mix up paint finishes between coats. Applying a satin or matte finish over a glossy paint is especially problematic, as the satin won't adhere well to the glossy. The result is hairline cracks known as checking. Mixing other types of finishes, even if the glossy is the final coat, can also lead to cracks as the two types of paint finishes may shrink differently as they dry. 

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16 February 2023

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