Is It Time To Refresh The Paint In Your Multigenerational Home? 4 Tips For Planning Your Interior Painting Project


Life in a multigenerational home is rarely what you could call boring, but you might feel less enthusiastic about the current paint color scheme. Choosing to refresh the paint in your home is a great way to make it feel brand new again, but you might be curious about how to keep everyone happy during the interior makeover. Adding these tips to your plans helps your crew choose the right colors for your shared home while also making the painting process as stress-free as possible.

Choose Neutral Colors for Shared Spaces

At the first mention of painting your home's interior, you might be met with multiple opinions on the colors to choose. While your parent might love the idea of a dusty rose for the guest bathroom, your teens might prefer something a bit more bright. Instead of arguing over which trendy color to use for the living room and kitchen, it's often easier to go with something a bit more neutral. Going with a lovely navy blue or gray also helps to keep your home attractive to potential buyers in case you move in the future.

Encourage Individuality for the Bedrooms

When it comes to interior painting, the bedrooms are the perfect place to allow everyone to enjoy some creative freedom. Sitting down for a paint color consultation is a great way to explore your options for giving each room an individual look, or you could bring home a few paint samples to let your kids get inspired. You can also talk to the painters to learn about their recommendations for patterns and colors that can create a personalized look in every room.

Use Color to Make Rooms Feel Bigger Or Smaller

Multigenerational homes often have unique floor plans that can sometimes make spaces feel too large or small. For instance, you might have converted a garage into an oversized living room but feel it lacks the coziness that you get in smaller rooms. Interior painters can help choose colors that change the overall ambiance in any space.

Work With the Painters to Create a Game Plan

Once you've found the right colors and discussed whether you need any custom work done, you'll be ready to begin planning the actual procedure. Let the painting crew know if there are rooms you prefer to be done first or last. For example, some people prefer to paint their kid's rooms while they are gone for a weekend, or you may want the kitchen done first. Once you have your game plan, let everyone know where they are in line so that they can help get their spaces ready for the big day.

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30 May 2023

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