5 Reasons For Cracking On Exterior Paint


Cracks in your home's exterior paint can be a sign of aging and weathering, especially if it's been a while since your home was last painted. The following painting tactics will ensure the new paint doesn't suffer the same fate. 1. Remove the Old Paint Painting over old, cracked paint will just result in the cracks reforming through on the fresh paint. It may look good for a few weeks, but before long the paint looks just as bad as before.

16 February 2023

Paint Ideas For A Sports Room


For an avid sports fan, there are few projects around the home that are more exciting than converting a space into a sports-themed room. You can use this room not only for watching your favorite teams on TV, but also to display your sports decor pieces and souvenirs. One thing that you'll need to evaluate when you're planning this room is what type of paint you want on the walls. Instead of going with a neutral color, this is your opportunity to make a visual splash.

21 December 2022

3 Incredible Reasons Painting Your Commercial Facility Is A Good Move


Most business people know that appearances matter a lot. If you own an office building, restaurant, or rental apartment, you should ensure it's impressive throughout the year to boost your return on investment. However, how you do it determines the kind of results you get. Of course, renovation is among the powerful tools you should use. But did you know that painting your office building is a great way to renovate it?

31 October 2022

How To Paint Your Composite Siding


Composite siding is a durable siding that can mimic any type of siding. It's easy to keep clean and can be painted over and over again to change the look of the siding and the look of your home. If you have composite siding and it's in need of some updating, you can paint it, but you need to take the proper steps to get the job done correctly. Read on for helpful tips to paint your composite siding.

19 September 2022

5 Paint Tricks That Brighten Dark Rooms


Dark rooms can feel small and unwelcoming. Although you may not be able to add a window, you can brighten them with the right paint choices. 1. Start With Clean Surfaces Fresh paint will fail at brightening a room if proper preparation isn't first done. Any grime on the walls, from the dust of daily living to oily fingerprints, will eventually bleed through fresh paint and make it dingy and dark.

3 August 2022

Thinking About A Handyman? Why Hire A Paint Contractor For Your Interior Paint Project


If you need to save money on interior painting, you might think that hiring a handyman is the way to go. After all, handymen often charge less for their services than licensed paint contractors. Unfortunately, that might be where the savings end. You can end up with a lot of problems when you hire a handyman to paint the interior of your home. Before you leave the painting to a handyman, read the list provided below.

22 June 2022

4 Telltale Signs Your Home Needs Exterior Painting


If your home's paint is looking dull or chipped, it might be time to pick up that phone and call an exterior painter for repainting. But if you aren't convinced yet, here are four warning signs that the time for exterior painting is due. Obvious Paint Damage Physical signs of damage such as cracking, bubbling, flaking, or peeling paint are surefire indicators it's time to sand down and paint afresh. These damage signs usually occur when the paint stops adhering to the surface, for example, due to the impact of water, UV rays, wind, or other elements.

9 May 2022