3 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Painting Service


Professional painting services are among the most useful services to take advantage of as a business owner, mostly because they can take a lot of the work and stress out of the attempt to paint your building. Listed below are three reasons to hire a commercial painting service such as First Tier Commercial Coating. Can Save You Money One of the most important reasons to hire a commercial painting service is that it can actually save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

26 January 2017

How To Create Better Lines When Painting


Painting the inside of your home is one of the most manageable home renovations. You can do it yourself, even if you don't have any particular painting skills or experience. In reality, the hardest part of the job is painting straight, clean edges. Professional painters from a company like Terry McGill, Inc. will often do this freehand because they are able to paint nights straight lines without tape. However, if you have never done this, you'll definitely need to use tape.

10 November 2016

Want To Spice Up Your Kitchen On A Budget? Paint The Kitchen Walls To Create A Backsplash


Improving the looks in your kitchen can encompass new lighting, flooring, windows, appliances, and more. But, some of these projects are not too budget-friendly, so you have wait until you save more or find an alternative. Adding a new backsplash can get fairly costly at $950 on average. But, what if you were to get professional painting to mimic a traditional backsplash? It costs about $448 to paint a room, and for a backsplash project that is even smaller in size, you should be able to cut that down greatly.

4 July 2016

Different Paint Texture Techniques You Can Use For Your Walls


When it comes to painting, there are so many paint products and colors on the market that you can do nearly any color or texture you want on your walls. Painting your home is a great way to refresh your space and give your house a whole new appeal, and the right color and texture on your walls can make any room pop with flair. Here are different paint texture techniques you can choose from to make your walls simply brilliant.

26 December 2015

How To Prep And Paint An Exterior Surface


Painting the exterior of a house is far more intensive than painting the interior. Many people find that painting interior drywall is a simple and fun family project. However, painting exterior surfaces, like stucco and brick is a lot more difficult, expensive and time consuming. To paint these rough surfaces you need to use a professional spray gun. This article explains a few tips that will make painting your exterior surfaces with a spray gun much more manageable.

30 September 2015

Seeing The Big Picture: 3 Things To Know About Painting A Mural On Your Business Exterior


If you're planning to have a mural painted on the exterior of your business to liven up your location, you definitely see the big picture. Murals bring art, local culture, and business together to co-create unique, constructive projects that never fail to get everyone talking. Here are some mural ideas and tips for preparing your building for exterior painting and to display murals. Murals bring in happy business. If you have a bland, older retail building, it may be difficult to attract the attention of consumers who are used to flashy, hi-vis shops and restaurants.

28 September 2015

Tips For Saving Money When Hiring A Professional Painter For The Exterior Of Your Home


If you are finally ready to paint the exterior of your home, you might be interested in hiring a professional painting company for the job for you. However, if you are worried about the expense of it, you might think about putting it off for another time. Instead of doing that, take a few moments to review the following tips for saving money with this particular home improvement. Clean The Siding Yourself

23 September 2015

Protecting Plants During An Exterior Paint Job


Having the exterior of your building painted can improve the appearance and provide some protection for the materials under the paint. Unfortunately, the painting that will do so much good can also cause damage to the plants that you have around the building. How can you protect your plants from getting damaged while the painting is completed? Protection during Paint Prep There is quite a bit of prep work that goes into painting the exterior of a building.

21 September 2015

How To Choose An Exterior Paint Palette For Your Home


When you are choosing the colors that you are going to paint on the outside of your home, you are essentially choosing a palette that is going to effective the entire mood of the street that you are on. If you choose a color that is outlandish or does not look good with your roof, then you are going to make the entire street on which you live look a little bit silly.

18 September 2015

Interior House Painting Tips


If you are getting ready to paint some walls on the the inside of your home, then you have a lot of work ahead of you. The last thing you want is to make some small mistake that could end up costing you a lot of time and money in the long run. To help prevent those small mistakes from happening, here are some tips to keep in mind: Temper Your Expectations

16 September 2015